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// The hash property is a string beginning with a hash (#), that specifies an anchor name in an HTTP URL.

// The host property is a string comprising of the hostname and port strings.;
// The hostname property specifies the server name, subdomain and domain name (or IP address) of a URL.

// The href property is a string specifying the entire URL, and of which all other Link properties are substrings.
// The pathname property is a string portion of a URL specifying how a particular resource can be accessed.
// The port property is a string specifying the communications port that the server uses.

// The protocol property is the string at the beginning of a URL, up to and including the first colon (:).

// The search property is a string beginning with a question mark that specifies any query information in an HTTP URL.;
// The reload method forces a reload of the window's current document.
// The replace method replaces the current History entry with the specified URL. 

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The Location object is part of a Window object and is accessed through the window.location property. It contains the complete URL of a given Window object, or, if none is specified, of the current Window object.

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JavaScript Location Object

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