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at October 3, 2007 17:51 by rengber

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declare @stringDate varchar(30);
declare @myXmlDate xml
declare @serializedDate datetime
declare @xQuery varchar(100)
set @stringDate = '2007-10-03T11:24:07.003+12:00'
set @myXmlDate = cast('' as xml) --Gets an empty Xml datatype
set @serializedDate = @myXmlDate.value('xs:dateTime(sql:variable("@stringDate"))', 'datetime')
select @serializedDate

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This is as small as this can go: 
It needs to be a literal string for the Value() function.  

Xml Datatype

Sql:Variable() Function

'xs:dateTime( val )'

Xml Datatype Methods

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TSQL Convert Xml DateTime (xs:datetime) to SQL DateTime

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