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at August 28, 2010 00:54 by davebowker

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var searchHiddenSort;
	$('.ukn-search-sort a').click(function(e) {
		if ($(this).hasClass('ukn-search-sort-selected')) { return false; }
		var text = $(this).text();
		$('.ukn-search-sort-date, .ukn-search-sort-relevance').removeClass('ukn-search-sort-selected');
		$(this).addClass('ukn-search-sort-selected').parents('fieldset').find('.ukn-search-box input').focus();
		if(searchHiddenSort) return;
		searchHiddenSort = true;
		$('.ukn-search fieldset').prepend('<input class="ukn-form-hidden-search-sort" type="hidden" name="sort" value=' + text + ' />');

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If on do nothing. If on make off. If off make on. Alter external value and focus.

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Search sorting buttons

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sort, date, search, jquery

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