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at August 30, 2010 18:18 by cell-gfx

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-(void)setPlayerPosition:(CGPoint)position {
	CGPoint tileCoord = [self tileCoordForPosition:position];
	int tileGid = [_meta tileGIDAt:tileCoord];
	if (tileGid) {
		NSDictionary *properties = [_tileMap propertiesForGID:tileGid];
		if (properties) {
			NSString *collision = [properties valueForKey:@"Collidable"];
			if (collision && [collision compare:@"True"] == NSOrderedSame) {
			NSString *collectable = [properties valueForKey:@"Collectable"];
			if (collectable && [collectable compare:@"True"] == NSOrderedSame) {
				[_meta removeTileAt:tileCoord];
				[_foreground removeTileAt:tileCoord];
				[_hud numCollectedChanged:_numCollected];
	ccTime moveDuration = 0.3;
	id playerMove = [CCMoveTo actionWithDuration:moveDuration position:position];
	id cameraMove = [CCFollow actionWithTarget:_player worldBoundary:CGRectMake(0, 0, (_tileMap.mapSize.width * _tileMap.tileSize.width), (_tileMap.mapSize.height * _tileMap.mapSize.height))];
	[_player runAction:playerMove];
	[self runAction:cameraMove];

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Use this variation of **setPlayerPosition** in your HelloWorldScene.m file to negate the need to use **setViewpointCenter** to manually calculate the viewport to track your player. This uses the **CCFollow** function as demonstrated in ActionsTest, one of the test apps included with cocos2D. Also to note is that the player movement is controlled by **CCMoveTo** which gives the player the same smooth movement around the map that the enemies have.

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Setting cocos2D camera position using CCFollow

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Objective C