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at September 26, 2010 01:35 by nilambar

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*	stripText()
*	@action:get input string and returns splited string of given length
*			makes sure half word in not in the end
*	@parameters:
*		$str: string to be splited
*		$len: length of required string
*	@return: string of given length
*	@modified : 19 September 2010
*	@modified by: Nilambar
function stripText($str,$len=100)
		return $str;
		$exploded_array=explode(' ',$str );
		$op=implode(' ',$exploded_array);
	return $op;


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Gets string and length and return string of given length. Makes sure half word in not in the end.

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Strip Text of given length

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