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at November 28, 2007 08:06 by natalie

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				<table class="creditHistory">
							<th id="method-1" axis="method" scope="col">In</th>
							<th id="method-2" axis="method" scope="col">Out</th>
							<th id="date-1" axis="date" scope="row">19 September 2007</th>
							<td headers="date-1 method-1"><strong>10</strong> added</td>
							<td headers="date-1 method-2">&nbsp;</td>
							<th id="date-2" axis="date" scope="row">9 September 2007</th>
							<td headers="date-2 method-1">&nbsp;</td>
							<td headers="date-2 method-2"><strong>10</strong> used</td>
							<th id="date-3" axis="date" scope="row">18 August 2007</th>
							<td headers="date-3 method-1"><strong>50</strong> added</td>
							<td headers="date-3 method-2">&nbsp;</td>
							<th id="date-4" axis="date" scope="row">8 August 2007</th>
							<td headers="date-4 method-1">&nbsp;</td>
							<td headers="date-4 method-2"><strong>4</strong> to <a href="full-friends-hubbub.php">dicky</a></td>
							<th id="date-5" axis="date" scope="row">17 july 2007</th>
							<td headers="date-5 method-1">&nbsp;</td>
							<td headers="date-5 method-2"><strong>4</strong> used</td>
							<th id="date-6" axis="date" scope="row">7 June 2007</th>
							<td headers="date-6 method-1">&nbsp;</td>
							<td headers="date-6 method-2"><strong>1</strong> used</td>
							<th id="date-7" axis="date" scope="row">16 June 2007</th>
							<td headers="date-7 method-1"><strong>10</strong> from <a href="full-friends-hubbub.php">dicky</a></td>
							<td headers="date-7 method-2">&nbsp;</td>

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