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at December 18, 2010 14:53 by FatFolderDesigner

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function keycatch(){
	var keypress = event.keyCode
	var h1tags = document.body.getElementsByTagName("h1");
		case 37: // Left
				currentpos = currentpos-1;
			return false
		case 39: // Right
				currentpos = currentpos+1;
			return false

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Starting with GoogleTV in mind I made a script to help navigate a page key basic key inputs, in this case I'm using the left and right arrows to jump between the H1 tags on a page, although the modifications to make it do other things would be very simple. Theres a more working concept on the link so you can see it in action without any coding on your part (and participate in some proper reading).

There is one downside to this method, if manually scrolling down past an H1 tag it does not realize it, but I'll work on that once I get a chance

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Javascript Keyboard Navigation

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javascript, navigation

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