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at January 2, 2011 08:45 by mouseroot

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from ctypes import *

class Win32api():
   def __init__(self):
       self.SetWindowText = windll.user32.SetWindowTextA #msdn for what dll to use
       self.FindWindow = windll.user32.FindWindowA # i dont use unicode(maybe i should?)
   def String(self,s):
       return c_char_p(s)

   def Int(self,i):
       return c_int(i)

   def Long(self,l):
       return c_long(l)

#small test open command prompt type title lol
test = Win32api()

#none in python is == NULL in C(more or less)
ret = test.FindWindow(None,test.String("lol"))

#ret holds the window handle HWND(which is really a long/int)
test.SetWindowText(ret,test.String("Command Prompt :D"))

#just for good measure!

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here i call some win32 api stuff using ctypes i wrote wrappers for  c_char_p() and c_int aswell as c_long
as always comments and criticism is welcomed :D

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Python mini Win32 Api Usage using ctypes :D

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