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at January 18, 2011 08:15 by shinokada

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function pages_setup_name($id,$pid){
if(dbOne('select id from pages where
name="'.addslashes($name).'" and parent='.$pid.'
and id!='.$id,'id')){
while(dbOne('select id from pages where
name="'.addslashes($name.$i).'" and parent='.$pid.'
and id!='.$id,'id'))$i++;
echo '<em>A page named "'.htmlspecialchars($name).'"
already exists. Page name amended to "'
return $name;

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a function which tests the submitted page name. If that name is the
same as another page which has the same parent, then a number is added to the end
and a message is shown explaining this.

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checking the same name in db and if there is add 2 etc at the end

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