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at February 25, 2011 13:35 by mommygeekology

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// Change the Previous Posts Link
function change_previous_posts() {
return 'Older Articles';}
add_filter('headway_older_posts_link', 'change_previous_posts');

// Change the Next Posts Link
function change_next_posts() {
return 'Newer Articles';}
add_filter('headway_newer_posts_link', 'change_next_posts');

// Change the Previous Post Link - Single Post Page
function change_previous_post() {
return 'One step back';}
add_filter('headway_previous_post_link', 'change_previous_post');

// Change the Next Post Link - Single Post Page
function change_next_post() {
return 'One step forward';}
add_filter('headway_next_post_link', 'change_next_post');

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Change the text in between the single quotes - i.e. 

return 'Older Articles'

to reflect whatever you want the link for older / newer posts or next/previous post to say.

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Change Previous / Next Posts

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