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at March 3, 2011 14:48 by happynuclear

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//the container wrapping the menu
var menuContainer = '#mainnavigation';

$(document).ready(function() {
   //hover display for main menu items
   $(menuContainer+' li').hover(
   //on enter
   function() {
      selectedItem =;
      $(menuContainer+' ul li#'+selectedItem+' ul.sub-menu').fadeIn('fast');
   //on leave
   function() {
      selectedItem =;
      $(menuContainer+' ul li#'+selectedItem+' ul.sub-menu').fadeOut('fast');

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When applied to a page, this script converts any sub-menus created in the Wordpress menu editor into drop-down menus without having to specify each menu item individually. Fades in sub-menu of selected list item quickly, then fades out when leaving list item or sub-menu. See url above.

Only decided to post this because I couldn't find anything similar and was sick of working with inefficient menu creator plugins in WP.

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Jquery convert Wordpress sub-menus into drop-down menus

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javascript, html, jquery

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