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at April 7, 2011 04:06 by magicrebirth

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def remove_duplicates(seq, idfun=None):  
    # order preserving 
    if idfun is None: 
        def idfun(x): return x 
    seen = {} 
    result = [] 
    for item in seq: 
        marker = idfun(item) 
        # in old Python versions: 
        # if seen.has_key(marker) 
        # but in new ones: 
        if marker in seen: continue 
        seen[marker] = 1 
    return result

>>> a=list('ABeeE') 
>>> f5(a) 
>>> f5(a, lambda x: x.lower()) 

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Not only is it really really fast; it's also order preserving and supports an optional transform function

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Remove duplicates from a list

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list, python

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