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function permute(&$arr) { // permute the items in an array (n items, n at a time)
		static $perms = array(); static $usedItems = array();
		for ($i = 0; $i < sizeof($arr); $i++) {
			$item = array_splice($arr, $i, 1); //take item out
			$usedItems[] = $item[0];
			if (sizeof($arr) == 0) { // we have one permutation
				$perms[] = $usedItems; // add the result to our results container
			array_splice($arr, $i, 0, $item[0]); //put item back
		return $perms; // $perms contains arrays, each a permutation of the original array.

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A recursive function to permute the items of an array. The function returns an array that contains many arrays, where each array is a permutation of the original array. This process can get intensive depending on how many items are in the initial array and how big the array items are.

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Permutations in PHP.

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