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at March 20, 2008 07:24 by cajide

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**** Crear una tabla para almacenar los valores de botones a excluir (y una workarea).

types: begin of typ_butt_exclude,
        fcode like rsmpe-func,
      end of typ_butt_exclude.

* Structure for buttons to be excluded from screen
data: t_butt_exclude type standard table of typ_butt_exclude with
               non-unique default key initial size 10,
      s_butt_exclude type typ_butt_exclude.

**** Como usarlo en el PF status

set pf-status k_pf_screen9000 excluding t_butt_exclude.

**** Ejemplo de como rellenar la tabla

  "Exclude button creation
      clear s_butt_exclude.
      move 'CHNG' to s_butt_exclude-fcode.
      append s_butt_exclude to t_butt_exclude.

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Excluir un boton de una screen.

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