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at July 3, 2011 09:30 by abstraktor

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#use this for an ant task:
#                <exec executable="bash">
#                        <arg value="-i" />
#                        <arg value="-c" />
#                        <arg value="uncrustify --no-backup $(find ${src} -name &quot;*.java&quot;)" />
#                </exec>

#make sure to configure like this
cp /usr/share/uncrustify/ben.cfg ~/.uncrustify.cfg

#uncrustify all java files in this folder
uncrustify --no-backup $(find -name "*.java")

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at July 3, 2011 09:14 by abstraktor

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grep -r --include="*.cpp" load_option_file .

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you may not want to use the buggy apt version. just compile it yourself

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uncrustify c-like sourcecode

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java, c, code

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