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at March 31, 2008 13:27 by webonomic

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/*Method 1*/
%let cname = “%sysget(computername)”;  

/*Method 2*/
filename getinfo PIPE “hostname” ;
data _null_ ;
infile getinfo ;
input ;
put _infile_ ;
run ;

/*this works because 'hostname' is a command whereas trying to use 'computername' will not work because it is a system variable*/

/*Method 3*/
filename getcmd pipe ‘net config workstation’;
data theds(keep=theline);
length theline $200;
infile getcmd length=lenvar;
input @1 theline $varying. lenvar;
/*then parse out pieces you want*/

/*Method 4*/
%Put computername<%sysget(computername)>;
/*again, parse out what you need*/

/*All of the above ones may work on Unix/Linux with the exception of Method 4*/

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This code will help you to get the name of the computer you are running he code from.

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Get Computer Name

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