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at April 1, 2008 13:16 by webonomic

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PROC IMPORT DATAFILE="C:\folder\project\file.xls"
DBMS=excel2002 REPLACE;
GETNAMES=yes;     * variable names are in row 1 ;
RANGE="MySheetName$A1:P2582"; * omit if you want to read the entire worksheet;
MIXED=YES; * V. 9: converts numerical values mixed in with character data into a variable with all character values;
SCANTEXT=yes;   * V. 9 only;
USEDATE=no;    * V. 9 only - read with date format only (note date-time);
SCANTIME=no;    * V. 9 only;
DBSASLABEL= none; * V. 9 only;

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Convert Excel to SAS Dataset

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excel, convert

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