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Revision: 50949
at September 9, 2011 20:03 by Huskie

Initial Code
	Get a theme menu name in slug format based on a 
	location parameter.
function sleek_get_theme_menu_name($theme_location)
	if(!$theme_location) return false;
	$theme_locations = get_nav_menu_locations();
	if(!isset($theme_locations[$theme_location])) return false;
	$menu_obj = get_term($theme_locations[$theme_location],'nav_menu');
	if(!$menu_obj) $menu_obj = false;
	if(!isset($menu_obj->name)) return false;
	// Make a slug out of the menu name now we know it exists
	$menu_name = strtolower($menu_obj->name);
	$menu_name = str_replace(" ","-", $menu_name); 
	return $menu_name;

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Example call: $menuName = sleek_get_theme_menu_name('footer-menu')

Initial Title
Get WordPress theme menu name in slug format from location parameter

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format, wordpress, theme

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