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at December 22, 2011 22:04 by altern

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REM script dumps specific project by getting it from the repository 

IF "%1"=="" (
	ECHO "Usage: %0 project" 
svn list file:///%cd:\=/%/ | grep ^%1/ > tmp.file
set /p grepResult=<tmp.file
del tmp.file
IF "%grepResult%"=="" (
	ECHO There is no '%1' project in the current repository
svnadmin dump . > repo.dump
svndumpfilter include %1/ < repo.dump > %1.dump
ECHO Project '%1' has been successfully dumped to file %1.dump

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Batch script creates repository dump of specific project in repository. It assumes that repository has following structure:



Needs UnxUtils installed to be executed successfully(

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Create svn repository dump

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svn, windows

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DOS Batch