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at August 10, 2020 12:53 by ferro

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find . -name \*.php -exec grep -nHi "PATTERN TO FIND" {} \; | awk -F":" '{gsub(/^\t*/,"",$2);gsub(/ *$/,"",$2);gsub(/^ */,"",$2);printf("%-50s:%s\n", $1, $2);}'

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at January 28, 2012 00:05 by ferro

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find . -name \*.php -exec grep -Hi "PATTERN TO FIND" {} \; | awk -F":" '{gsub(/^\t*/,"",$2);gsub(/ *$/,"",$2);gsub(/^ */,"",$2);printf("%-50s:%s\n", $1, $2);}'

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trims spaces from the source code and left align the code column

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Find a pattern on a code base and show a pretty resultset

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