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at February 16, 2012 07:45 by alexishawn

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    'will return the absolute path of the file to upload
    FileToRead = Application.GetOpenFilename(, , "Find File", , False)
    If Not ((FileToRead = "False") Or (FileToRead = "")) Then
        '================ On first loop through file, check water controls ===================

        Open FileToRead For Input As #1
            Do While Not EOF(1)
            Line Input #1, LineRead
            If LineRead = "" Then
                GoTo ReadALine
                'Put in stuff to do to the line of data here
            End If
        close #1
       'This happens if the user presses Cancel when they are trying to open a file to read
        ans = MsgBox("You must select a file to read for the program to continue." & VbCrLf & VbCrLf & _
            "Please select a file an try again.", vbOKCancel + vbInformation, "No File Selected")
        If ans = vbCancel Then
            MsgBox "The program is stopped."
            Exit Sub
            GoTo OpenFileDialog
        End If
    End If     

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Open and Read File

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Visual Basic