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at February 27, 2012 22:34 by vamapaull

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//This project is done by vamapaull:

	$name = $_GET["name"];
	$save_to = "pdf/". $name;
	file_put_contents($save_to, $pdf);
	// add headers for download dialog-box
	header('Content-Type: application/pdf');
	header('Content-Length: '.strlen($pdf));
	header('Content-disposition:'.$method.'; filename="'.$name.'"');
	echo $pdf;
} else{
	echo "Encoded PDF information not received.";

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This PHP code is made to help people using the ActionScript 3 AlivePDF library to save PDF files from a Flash app to a server.

ActionScript 3 AlivePDF save code:, "save.php", Download.ATTACHMENT, "MyFile.pdf");

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AlivePDF download and save to server

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php, actionscript, server, download, convert, 3

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