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at May 24, 2008 07:57 by umeshT20

Initial Code :

Public Shared Function GetIconIndex(ByRef item As CShItem, _
                                        Optional ByVal GetOpenIcon As Boolean = False, _
                                        Optional ByVal GetSelectedIcon As Boolean = False _
                                        ) As Integer

C# :
        public static int GetIconIndex(ref CShItem item, bool GetOpenIcon, bool GetSelectedIcon);

Call like:

lvi.ImageIndex = SystemImageListManager.GetIconIndex(lvi.Tag, False)

It works properly.


lvi.ImageIndex = SystemImageListManager.GetIconIndex( lvfile.Tag, false);

It gives error: 

Error	22	No overload for method 'GetIconIndex' takes '2' arguments

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I try to call function  in c#.The function pass parameter ref and boolean. It is call in directly .how can i call in c#.

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No overload for method 'GetIconIndex' takes '2' argument

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