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at May 31, 2012 21:33 by kevincam

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 * Method to display a view.
 * @param	boolean			If true, the view output will be cached
 * @param	array			An array of safe url parameters and their variable types, for valid values see {@link JFilterInput::clean()}.
 * @return	JController		This object to support chaining.
 * @since	1.5
public function display($cachable = false, $urlparams = false)
	$cachable = true;

	// Get the document object.
	$document = JFactory::getDocument();

	$safeurlparams = array('catid'=>'INT', 'id'=>'INT', 'cid'=>'ARRAY', 'year'=>'INT', 'month'=>'INT', 'limit'=>'INT', 'limitstart'=>'INT', 'showall'=>'INT', 'return'=>'BASE64', 'filter'=>'STRING', 'filter_order'=>'CMD', 'filter_order_Dir'=>'CMD', 'filter-search'=>'STRING', 'print'=>'BOOLEAN', 'lang'=>'CMD');

	parent::display($cachable, $safeurlparams);

	return $this;

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This is a base function to use with Joomla! to display the view using the Joomla cache system.

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Base display function to use Joomla! cache

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cache, joomla

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