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at June 23, 2012 06:45 by Winkyboy

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Ext.define("YourNamespace.view.YourViewHere", {
    extend: 'Ext.List',

    config: {
        id: 'YourViewHere',
        title: 'Your Title Here',
        scrollable: {
            direction: 'vertical'
        store: 'YourStoreHere',
        emptyText: '<div class="listEmpty">You have nothing in this list</div>',
        deferEmptyText: false,

        // {type} and {content} below would be defined in your model
        itemTpl: '<div class="SomeClassItem AnIdentifierLikeClass{type}">' +
                '   <div class="noteContent">{content}</div>' +

        listeners: {
            initialize: function() {
                var store = this.getStore();
                store.addListener("refresh", function() {
                }, this);

            activate: function() {
                // hide items in your list based on a class ('SomeNewClassToAdd' would have display:none)
                var listItems ='#YourViewHere .x-list-item');
                for (var intI = 0; intI < listItems.elements.length; intI++) {
                    if (listItems.elements[intI].innerHTML.indexOf('AnIdentifierLikeClass3') > 0) {


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Although I realize one should be able to filter a store to remove unwanted items in the list, this allows the list items through and just hides them via CSS.

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Hide Sencha Touch list items dynamically via CSS

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