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internal static XNamespace w = ""; 
internal static void ImportTableStyles(string sourcefilepath, string destinationfilepath)
            using (var repeaterSourceDocument = WordprocessingDocument.Open(sourcefilepath, true))
                XDocument source_style_doc;
                var repeaterSourceDocumentPackagePart = repeaterSourceDocument.MainDocumentPart.OpenXmlPackage.Package.GetPart(new Uri("/word/styles.xml", UriKind.Relative));
                //Get styles.xml
                using (TextReader tr = new StreamReader(repeaterSourceDocumentPackagePart.GetStream()))
                    source_style_doc = XDocument.Load(tr);
                var tableStylesFromRepeaterSource = source_style_doc.Descendants(w + "style").Where(x => x.Attribute(w + "type").Value == "table").Select(x => x).ToList();
                using (var targetFileToImportTableStyles = WordprocessingDocument.Open(destinationfilepath, true))
                    XDocument dest_style_doc;
                    var destpart = targetFileToImportTableStyles.MainDocumentPart.OpenXmlPackage.Package.GetPart(new Uri("/word/styles.xml", UriKind.Relative));
                    //Get styles.xml
                    using (TextReader trd = new StreamReader(destpart.GetStream()))
                        dest_style_doc = XDocument.Load(trd);
                    //Add all the style elements from source document styles.xml 
                    foreach (var styleelement in tableStylesFromRepeaterSource)
                        if (!dest_style_doc.Elements(XName.Get("styles", w.NamespaceName)).Any(x => (string)x.Attribute("styleId") == (string)styleelement.Attribute("styleId")))
                            dest_style_doc.Element(XName.Get("styles", w.NamespaceName)).Add(styleelement);
                    //Save the style.xml of targetFile
                    using (TextWriter tw = new StreamWriter(destpart.GetStream(FileMode.Create)))
                        dest_style_doc.Save(tw, SaveOptions.None);

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After importing tables from source document to target document, use this snippet to import table styles missing in the target document to enable correct formatting of the table.

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Imorting Table styles in word document using OpenXML Sdk

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