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at August 7, 2012 19:27 by tinytiger

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private function trimTransparency(bmp:Bitmap, treshold:uint = 0xFF333333):Rectangle {
  // Clone the orignal with a clear background
  var clone:BitmapData = new BitmapData(bmp.width, bmp.height, true, 0x00000000);
  // make color values lower than treshold transparent
  clone.threshold(clone, new Rectangle(0, 0, bmp.width, bmp.height), new Point(0,0), "<", treshold, 0);
  return clone.getColorBoundsRect(0xFFFFFFFF, 0x00000000, false);

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This function returns the trimmed bounding box of a bitmap which contains all non-transparent pixel which color values are higher than the specified treshold (default 0xFF333333 in ARGB notation).

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Return trimmed bounding box of bitmap

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ActionScript 3