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//Save data to an xml
App::import('Helper', 'Xml');
$xml = new XmlHelper();
$file = $xml->header();
$file .= $xml->serialize($config, array('whitespace' => true));
$xmlFile = new File(path_to_file);
$xmlFile->write($file, 'w');

//Read data from an XML
if (file_exists(path_to_file)) {
   App::import('Helper', 'Xml');
   $parsed_xml = new XML(path_to_file);
   $data = $parsed_xml->toArray();
   $this->data['Email'] = $data['StdClass'];

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A simple code to read/write an XML file by using Cakephp 1.3.

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Read/Write data to an XML file

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php, xml

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