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# This snippet was taken from the old wiki.
# You can do this by overriding the Scrapy HTTP Client Factory, with the following (undocumented) setting:
#     DOWNLOADER_HTTPCLIENTFACTORY = 'myproject.downloader.LimitSizeHTTPClientFactory'

MAX_RESPONSE_SIZE = 1048576 # 1Mb

from scrapy.core.downloader.webclient import ScrapyHTTPClientFactory, ScrapyHTTPPageGetter

class LimitSizePageGetter(ScrapyHTTPPageGetter):

    def handleHeader(self, key, value):
        ScrapyHTTPPageGetter.handleHeader(self, key, value)
        if key.lower() == 'content-length' and int(value) > MAX_RESPONSE_SIZE:

class LimitSizeHTTPClientFactory(ScrapyHTTPClientFactory):

     protocol = LimitSizePageGetter

# Snippet imported from (which no longer works)
# author: pablo
# date  : Sep 16, 2011

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Avoid downloading pages which exceed a certain size

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