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at February 6, 2013 07:38 by lmontealegre

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using System;      
02.using mshtml;      
03.using VisualWebRipper;      
04.public class Script      
06.    public static bool IsCondition(WrConditionArguments args)      
07.    {      
08.        try     
09.        {      
10.            if(args.InternalDataRow["navigationLink"] != "")      
11.                return false;      
12.            return true;             
13.        }      
14.        catch(Exception exp)      
15.        {      
16.            args.WriteDebug(exp.Message);      
17.            return true;      
18.        }      
19.    }      

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uses a PageArea template to extract data from each page in the search results, but I will cancel the PageArea template if it is not on the last page.
I add a condition script to the template. The condition script checks to see whether there is a Next Page link on the webpage and, if so, cancels the template element.

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Extract data only from the last webpage in the search results

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