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at March 23, 2013 05:42 by bitsculptor

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function touchHandler(event)
 var touches = event.changedTouches,
    first = touches[0],
    type = "";

    case "touchstart": type = "mousedown"; break;
    case "touchmove":  type="mousemove"; break;        
    case "touchend":   type="mouseup"; break;
    default: return;
var simulatedEvent = document.createEvent("MouseEvent");
simulatedEvent.initMouseEvent(type, true, true, window, 1,
                          first.screenX, first.screenY,
                          first.clientX, first.clientY, false,
                          false, false, false, 0/*left*/, null);;

function init()
   document.addEventListener("touchstart", touchHandler, true);
   document.addEventListener("touchmove", touchHandler, true);
   document.addEventListener("touchend", touchHandler, true);
   document.addEventListener("touchcancel", touchHandler, true);    

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Add the init() function to your document.ready call. This allows touch events to be handled like click events.

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Javascript touch events from click

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