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<h3>Wordpress Debug Info:</h3>
<p><strong>NOTE: </strong>You will see <em>either</em> a Timezone String <em>or</em> a GMT Offset -- not both.</p>
	<li>PHP Version on this server: <?php echo phpversion(); ?></li>
	<li>WordPress core version: <?php bloginfo( 'version' ); ?></li>
	<li>WordPress Timezone String: <?php echo get_option('timezone_string'); ?></li>
	<li>WordPress GMT Offset: <?php echo get_option('gmt_offset'); ?></li>
	<li>WordPress Date Format: <?php echo get_option('date_format'); ?></li>
	<li>WordPress Time Format: <?php echo get_option('time_format'); ?></li>

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#Wordpress Debug Info

##Find out basic information about your WordPress installation and server environment

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Wordpress Debug Info

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php, wordpress

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