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// anonymous function
$echo = function($param) {

  return $param;

$test = <<<HEREDOC
\$echo is now a generic function that can be used in all sorts of ways:
Output the result of a function: {$echo(date('r'))}
Output the value of a constant: {$echo(__FILE__)}
Static methods work just as well: {$echo(MyClass::getSomething())}
2 + 2 equals {$echo(2+2)}

echo $echo(test);

// The same works not only with HEREDOC strings,
// but with double-quoted strings as well:
$string = "{$echo(2+2)}";
echo $echo($string);

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use anonymous function that returns parameter passed to it to evaluate functions, constants, and expressions in HEREDOC

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Using functions / expressions in HEREDOC strings

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php, function

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