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Function CmdLineParam(AStartAt, AsingleSwitch, AMatchCase, ALongSwitch, AAssigned, APosition, AFollowing)

'	AStartAt		   Which argument position to start at (Zero based).
'  ASingleSwitch 	single character param char.  -a -A
'  AMatchCase 		singleSwitch should be came case for a match 
'  ALongSwitch		Long Switch value that is preceed by --.  i.e. --test --file=
'  AAssigned		Everything following the single switch char, or everything after = in a LongSwitch
'  APosition		Which value on the command line this matched
'  AFollowing		Value of next parameter on the command line

'  Returns true if the parameter was found
   Dim Found
	Dim c1
	Dim count
	Dim args
	Dim ASign
	Set args = WScript.Arguments
	Found = False
	c1 = AStartAt
	count = args.count
	While Not found And c1 < count
	  If (Left(args(c1),2)) = "--" Then
		  If UCase(Mid(args(c1),3,Len(ALongSwitch))) = (UCase(ALongSwitch)) Then			
			  Found = True
	        ASign = InStr(args(c1),"=")
	        If ASign <> 0 Then
		       AAssigned = Mid(args(c1),ASign+1,Len(args(c1)))
		       AAssigned = ""
		     End If
		   End If
	  ElseIf (Left(args(c1),1)) = "-" Then
	    If AMatchCase = True Then
		   ' make sure it matches
			If Mid(args(c1),2,1) = ASingleSwitch Then
			  found = True	
			  APosition = c1
			  AAssigned = Mid(args(c1),3,Len(args(c1)))
			  If (c1 < count+1) Then AFollowing = args(c1+1)
			End If
		   ' we don't care about case			
			If UCase(Mid(args(c1),2,1)) = UCase(ASingleSwitch) Then
			  found = True				
			  APosition = c1
			  AAssigned = Mid(args(c1),3,Len(args(c1)))
			End If
		 End If
	  End If
	  AFollowing = ""
	  If Found And (c1 < count-1) Then 
	    AFollowing = args(c1+1)		 
	  End If	
	  c1 = c1 + 1
	CmdLineParam = Found
End Function

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Parse Command Line Parameters (VBScript)

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Visual Basic