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at August 21, 2008 10:19 by aleprieto

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* This code snippet is used to show selected node content
* in the block based on the current node id.  The idea is
* to show relevant sidebar content that matches up with the
* main content.  One block instead of several.
* If logged in user has admin nodes then show an Edit link.
if ( arg(0) == "content" || arg(0) == "node" )
  //Choose which node to put into the block
  switch (arg(1))
    case "10":  //nid of the home page
      $xNode = 58; //nid of content to load
    case "about":  //this page is a view made with Views module so no nid
      $xNode = 59;
    case "40":
      $xNode = 69;
      return FALSE;

  $node = node_load($xNode);
  //Add an edit link for admins
  if (user_access('administer nodes'))
    $nodeurl = url('node/'. $node->nid);
    print('<a href="'.$nodeurl.'">[edit]</a>');
  $nodeout = node_view($node);
  print $nodeout;

/*  // Helpful debugging info.
print "<p>x=$x<br />y=$y<br />z=$z</p>";
// ==End Debug==  */
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Fairly simple way to match sidebar content with the main content for several pages without the need to create multiple blocks or the hassle of putting content in a block.

For example, your Home, About and Contact pages all have a sidebar with some accompanying content which is different for each.

   1. Create pages (nodes) for each of the sidebar content and note the node ID.
   2. Add a block and paste in this code snippet
   3. Edit the Switch/Case part of this snippet for your nodes
   4. Enable the block for content/* and node/*

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Drupal: Add node content into block depending on page ID

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module, drupal

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