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at August 17, 2006 20:53 by yuconner

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newip=`wget -o /dev/null -O - | cut -f1 -d' ' | sed -n 1p`
presentip=`host | sed -n 1p | cut -d' ' -f4`
if [ "$newip" != "$presentip" ]; then; fi

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Useful if you are behind a router, or in a LAN, and you didn't make (or can't have) a  direct ppp connection to the ISP.
Change "" to the correct hostname
For example to update zoneedit zone:
wget -O - --http-user= --http-passwd= ''
(complete user, pass and host)

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Dynamic IP update (to DNS service like zoneedit or dyndns) inside a local LAN or behind a router

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linux, ip

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