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at March 18, 2015 08:54 by Lukynn

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uint32_t sumGlobalContentSum = ;

sumGlobalContentSum = 4+2+4+audioDataContentSumNonUsed+4 //=d1 [uint32_t audioDataContentSumNonUsed]

dstFile << hex << sumGlobalContentSum;

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Do you know how to convert uint32_t in little endian to file like char array? I have a variable sumGlobalContentSum (in hex). Than i write in file dstFile. Value of sumGlobalContentSum is realy d1 when I write it out like cout << hex ... But when I write it in file, it puts me in "64 31 00 00".
I want to have d1 00 00 00.  Do you know how to get that? Thanks!!

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Conversion uint32_t in little endian to char array (write in file)

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