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VECTOR (Variable sized array/stack with built in memory allocation)

vector<int> a(10);        // a[0]..a[9] are int (default size is 0)
a.size();                 // Number of elements (10)
a.push_back(3);           // Increase size to 11, a[10]=3
a.back()=4;               // a[10]=4;
a.pop_back();             // Decrease size by 1
a.front();                // a[0];
a[20]=1;                  // Crash: not bounds checked;               // Like a[20] but throws out_of_range()
for (vector<int>::iterator p=a.begin(); p!=a.end(); ++p)
  *p=0;                   // Set all elements of a to 0
vector<int> b(a.begin(), a.end());  // b is copy of a
vector<T> c(n, x);        // c[0]..c[n-1] init to x
T d[10]; vector<T> e(d, d+10);      // e is initialized from d

DEQUE (array/stack/queue)
deque<T> is like vector<T>, but also supports:

a.push_front(x);          // Puts x at a[0], shifts elements toward back
a.pop_front();            // Removes a[0], shifts toward front


pair<string, int> a("hello", 3);  // A 2-element struct
a.first;                  // "hello"
a.second;                 // 3

MAP (associative array)

map<string, int> a;       // Map from string to int
a["hello"]=3;             // Add or replace element a["hello"]
for (map<string, int>::iterator p=a.begin(); p!=a.end(); ++p)
  cout << (*p).first << (*p).second;  // Prints hello, 3
a.size();                 // 1

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