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lecturer in new media design and animation at the manchester college, england. artist, poet, musician and raconteur by inclination. occasional bracket-monkey by necessity.

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actionscript3 version of a more complex button action, which responds to rollover, rollout and clicking. this method uses one single 'buttonstuff' function with a 'switch' inside which causes the function to respond differently, depending on what...
1 866 posted 15 years ago by stiobhart
actionscript3 version of the basic button action. in actionscript3, button actions can no longer be attached to the buttons themselves or called from the main timeline. you need to put an 'addEventListener' in the timeline to 'listen' for interacti...
1 867 posted 15 years ago by stiobhart
basic actionscript button action that can be attached directly to a button on the stage. this will NOT work in actionscript 3, which does not allow actionscript to be attached directly onto buttons. make sure you're attaching this action to a but...
0 583 posted 15 years ago by stiobhart
code to implement a paypal button in flash
0 654 posted 15 years ago by stiobhart
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