As3: Capture the HREF, Pathname, Host, userAgent

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Here's how I was able to capture the HREF of a page using actionscript

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  1. //Here's a list of helpful items to capture
  2. var pageURL:String ='window.location.href.toString');
  3. var pageHost:String ='window.location.hostname.toString');
  4. var pagePath:String ='window.location.pathname.toString');
  5. var pageProtocol:String ='window.location.protocol.toString');
  6. var userAgent:String ='window.navigator.userAgent.toString');
  7. var platform:String ='window.navigator.platform.toString');
  10. private function getQueryString():String
  11. {
  12. var query:String ="window.location.pathname.toString");
  13. //"window.location.href.toString");
  14. return query;
  15. }

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