Blur Filters in AS3

/ Published in: ActionScript 3
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  1. // create blurFilter object
  2. // your x and y properties determine how much that axis is blurred.
  3. // if you use values that are powers of 2, the filter will render more quickly.
  4. // quality can be set by 1 = low, 2 = medium, and 3 = high
  5. blur = new BlurFilter(BLUR-X, BLUR-Y, QUALITY);
  7. // Actionscript assumes you'll want to add multiple filters at once.
  8. // If you want to, you can add all of your filters to an array and
  9. // apply it that way. If you only have one, just create a quick array this way.
  10. myObject.filters = [blur];

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