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find . | xargs grep 'string' -sl

The -s is for summary and won't display warning messages such as grep: ./directory-name: Is a directory

The -l is for list, so we get just the filename and not all instances of the match displayed in the results.

Performing the search on the current directory I get:


I find this useful for just quickly seeing which files contain a search time. I would normally limit the files searched with a command such as :
find . -iname '*php' | xargs grep 'string' -sl

Another common search for me, is to just look at the recently updated files:
find . -iname '*php' -mtime -1 | xargs grep 'string' -sl

would find only files edited today, whilst the following finds the files older than today:
find . -iname '*php' -mtime +1 | xargs grep 'string' -sl

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  1. find . | xargs grep 'string' -sl
  3. // or alternatively
  5. find ./ -exec grep -Hn "YourString" {} \;

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