Using chkconfig to make software start at reboot

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This allows you to make any software begin at system startup time. Remember that runlevel 3 is basic console and runlevel 5 is GUI (XWindows/Gnome/KDE etc).

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  1. We'll use tomcat as an example, as it doesnt have a script by default
  3. 1. Make a tomcat startup script called /etc/init.d/tomcat
  4. 1.a Ensure that you can call it with start and stop parameters
  5. 1.b Make sure these lines are present (after the #! line):
  7. #
  8. # chkconfig: 345 98 98
  9. # description: Tomcat Catalina server for running IDP software
  10. #
  12. 2. Use the following command: chkconfig --add tomcat
  13. 3. Then to get it to start at bootup, use: chkconfig tomcat on
  14. 4. If you need to check the status of any service, use: chkconfig --list <service name>
  16. note that the numbers in the chkconfig: line represent 1) the runlevels (3, 4 & 5 in this case) the service will run at. 2) the start priority 3) the stop priority

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