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please let me know if you know of some others... just to complete the collection.

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  1. filter: Alpha(Opacity=80, FinishOpacity=70, Style=2);
  2. filter: blur(add=false, direction=135, strength=6);
  3. filter: Glow(Color=#ff0000, Strength=8);
  4. filter: DropShadow(Color=#0066cc, OffX=5, OffY=-3, Positive=1);
  5. filter: Shadow(Color=#00cc66, Direction=45);
  6. filter: Wave(Add=1, Freq=2, LightStrength=30, Phase=20, Strength=7);
  7. filter: FlipV;
  8. filter: FlipH;
  9. filter: Chroma(Color=#9999cc); /*?*/
  10. filter: Gray; /* for grayscale */
  11. filter: Invert; /*colors that is*/
  12. filter: Light;
  13. filter: Mask(Color=#9999cc);/* ~ replaces transparency*/
  14. filter: Xray; /*Sucks!*/


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