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  1. #!/bin/sh
  2. # This UNIX shell script FTPs all the files in the input directory to a remote directory
  3. # It uses a UNIX Shell "hear document" to read the commands to the FTP program from the shell file
  4. # You have to use the -n option to the FTP command to disable the prompting for the password
  5. # the quote in front of the ftp user and pass are also necessary to disable reading from stdin
  6. # the prompt must be turned off for the multi-put to not prompt the user
  7. LOCALDIR=mylocaldir
  8. REMOTESERVER=remote.server
  9. REMOTEPATH=/my/remote/path
  10. LOGIN=myloginname
  11. PASSWORD=mypassword
  13. cd $LOCALDIR
  15. quote user $LOGIN
  16. quote pass $PASSWORD
  17. cd $REMOTEPATH
  18. prompt off
  19. mput *.*
  20. exit

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