99 bottles of beer on the wall

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works for mac osx

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  1. (g=echo;s=s;n="o more";o="bottle";e="of beer";a="Take one down and pass it around";w="on the wall";for ((i=99;i>0;i--));do [ $i == 1 ]&&unset s;$g -n "$i $o$s $e $w, $i $o$s $e. $a, `[ $[i-1] != 0 ]&&$g $[i-1]||$g "n$n"` $o`[ $i != 2 ]&&$g s` $e $w. ";done;$g -ne "N$n ${o}s $e $w, n$n ${o}s $e. Go to the store and buy some more, 99 ${o}s $e $w.")| say

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