Reading Different File types with AS3

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Found this code. It is an example of loading and reading different file types with ActionScript 3

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  1. import flash.filesystem.FileMode;
  2. import flash.filesystem.FileStream;
  3. import flash.filesystem.File;
  5. var myFile:File = File.appResourceDirectory; // Create out file object and tell our File Object where to look for the file
  6. myFile = myFile.resolve("mySampleFile.txt"); // Point it to an actual file
  8. var fileStream:FileStream = new FileStream(); // Create our file stream
  9., FileMode.READ);
  11. var fileContents:String = fileStream.readUTFBytes(fileStream.bytesAvailable); // Read the contens of the
  12. fileContents_txt.text = fileContents; // Display the contents. I've created a TextArea on the stage for display
  14. fileStream.close(); // Clean up and close the file stream


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