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Video Analytics- How to Monitor the Performance Stats

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It's imperative to keep an eye on the performance stats of your animated video. When working in the world of digital marketing it becomes imperative to create strategies and lay foundations for your every branding asset. Likewise monitoring stats to be sure about the performance of individual assets is of significant importance. You must know which area performs well and how to keep a check too. In professional animation services, developers and marketers notice these fundamental key points: • Play Rate- to know the percentage of page visitors and to identify the reason for bounce rates • View Count- The video view count is used to identify the video reach. • Engagement- Thirdly the engagement value is checked to know the percentage of viewer’s involvement • Social Share- You must know why your video is not being shared by monitoring the social share stats. That’s how it works. What do you think about it? 3. Keyword: video animation company

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