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Magento 2 Customer Fields Extension

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Magento 2 Customer Fields is loaded with the feature to add custom fields in a registration form. These fields can be of 10 different types followed by 6 types of validations. Adding title with field, setting default values and marking them as mandatory OR optional are the features which make this extension worth buying. Moreover, you are free to show or hide attributes from sign-up form. You can add condition based fields as well. Using Magento 2 custom fields you can permit your users to view and update their data even after registration. Enable them on sign-up page and sort them logically.

Additional fields can intake data in 10 formats like:

o Text Field

o Text Area

o File Upload

o Image Upload

o Date

o Drop-down

o Multiple Select

o Yes/No

o Radio

o Check Boxes

You can validate input attributes like:

o Email

o Decimal Numbers

o Integers

o Alphanumeric


o Letters


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