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The difference between storyboard and illustrations

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There is a lot of difference between a storyboard and illustrations. Many times it happens that the clients working with a 3d intro maker services complains about that the illustrations are not following the storyboard. Well, if this is the case, the man thing a client needs to understand is that a storyboard is just a sketch and not the final version of the video. Its main purpose is to help in simplifying the animation process. Where illustration is the technological aspect of the animation. It is all a part of the creative process that helps an artist to make the changes to improve the quality of the final version of the video. It can be said that storyboard is the sequential art that illustrate the visual flow of the story. In the animation process, a storyboard can be a scanned video showing every different shot or board of the video, which can be cut and shortened according to the narrations and sound effects to make a good explainer video. A storyboard process taking before the animation process provides the video a lot of sketch type detail and direction for animation. Feel free to share your thoughts ad experiences under this thread

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